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Got Job

I got my first offical Job - as a perl programmer at Reubro International. This may well be the busiest times of my life. Upto now, life was a easy affair. But now I have to juggle multiple things while trying to stay sane.

  • Job - programmer
  • MCP course at
  • CCNA course at
  • BCA course at IGNOU(Indira Ghandhi National Open University)

Just to complicate things a litte more, I have some optional/semi-optional stuff I have to do. These include...

  • Maintain my websites
  • Study other languages like Python, Ruby etc.
  • Finish the Perl/Tk tutorial "Create GUI using Perl/TK
  • Read more books - currently reading
    • My Experiments with Truth by M K Ghandhi
    • Concise guide to Today's Religions by Josh MacDowell
    • Joshua and the Flow of Bibilical History by Francis Schaffer
    • And more.

Ahh! So this is how life is on the fast line tastes like.