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Digit's "Your Web Presence"

I just got this month's Digit issue. If you are not familiar with Digit, it is a computer magazine that I subscribe to. Like always, the "Fast Track" booklet that came with it was just superb. This months issue - "Your Web Presence" is about establishing your identity on the web. From the Introduction...

What is web presence? Is it just acquiring an email address? Is it putting up a site? Is it your online conduct? As a matter of fact, it's all of these things and much more. It's almost like creating your identity online, like in the offline world.

Every thing from hosting a web site to blogs to netiquettes was covered in the book. I read the full book in one sitting. It has good, solid content with relevant illustrations - which are printed very, very badly. But I will NOT complain about that - I read the book for information - not for the pictures.

This might sound blasphemous to regular readers of Digit - but I think that Fast Track is a better book than the magazine itself.

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