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1000% Increase in Googe AdSense Clicks

No it is not a typo - 1000% increase in Googe AdSense clicks - I did not mean 100%, I meant 1000% increase. I was averaging at around, say, X clicks per day - that is till 12th of this month. Suddenly the number of clicks jumbed to 3X - and the next day to 7X. Next day it was 10.5X. The last time I checked it was 10X. (Sorry about the X thing - but Google won't let me print the exact numbers - atleast I think that they will not let me - who can understand EULAs?) By now you will be wondering what I did and would be itching to try the trick on your own site. I did very little - just changed the location of an ad in one page.

My Online Sudoku page was reciving around 600 page impressions per day - and it was giving me a fair amount of clicks. But then I noticed that left area of that page was wasted - only white space there. So I changed the location of the AdSense Ads to that space instead of the default right side of the page as in other pages. As a result, the amount of AdSense clicks on the page skyrocketed. And this is just from one page - I can't wait to see what will happen when I implement this on other pages.

If you are a AdSense publisher, try out this experiment. Choose a page that recives a good amount of page impressions per day - somewhere above 100. Now create a custom url based channel for that page in AdSense report section(If you don't know how to make a channel, see AdSense Support about this topic). Then change the Ad layout, position and color of the ads. Use one layout for one full day. Then use another for the next day. You will find that some layout will pay much more than others. You will have to experiment to find which one is the best for you. There is no 'one-size-fits-all' formula for this. When you find that 'perfect' ad placement, try it out on the other pages. Before long you will be earing much more than before.

For more information about which placements might be the best, check out the heat map provided by google. Also see this report entitled What We Saw When We Looked Through Their Eyes.

There is no way to say with authority which colours are the best once. Some people say that they get better results when they make the ads stand out of the page. Other say that results are better when they blend the ads with the colours of the page. The only solution to this problem is to experiment on your site by changeing colors of the ads till a clear winner emerges.

If you are a web site owner but not a Google AdSense publisher - what in the world are you waiting for? Get Google AdSense in your site - it won't cost you a thing(yes, you heard me - joining you for the program is free). And if you pay a little attension to your site, it will pay you a lot.

If you have tried the experiment, please use the comment section and let me know which method(s) worked for you. Or if you have some tips that were not said here(there are lots of them), share it with us.

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Sid said...

Wow that's incredible.

I similarly have noticed increased clickthrough rates by moving my ads out of the right column - I've also found that at the bottom of blog posts works quite well. Readers have just finished reading about a topic, and I guess rather than clicking the back button they sometimes see an interesting ad at the bottom and click that.

Vinod said...

Can I ask a question.

How do you put Adsense in the left margin. I am running a website here
I had put two ad units on the top(above the fold). I am using a classic template. Would u be able to help me

Binny V A said...

You can edit the template of blogger. Just login to your blogger account and click on the 'Template' tab at the top. For more complicated edits, click on the 'Edit HTML' link. You must know HTML and XML to edit the code here.

Once you reach here, just insert the AdSense code into the sidebar .