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Project Completed

I have handed over my PHP project report that I did as the final year project for BCA in IGNOU. It is a Content Management System in PHP. It is perhaps the only CMS in PHP that does not use MySQL to store the data. The system completely relays on the File System of the hosting computer to store the data. I have not released the code - as it is not yet stable. I had to turn in the code at this point because the deadline had been reached.

We had to create a fifty page project report to go with the code. And I was having trouble reaching twenty pages - at which point I knew that I had to do something drastic. That is when this gem dripped from my pen.

Upon receiving a request from a web browser, the server which host the CMS software will send the requested file(s) directly to the user's browser. The browser will then parse the provided HTML code and will try to resolve all the embedded image, formatting and scripting information in the HTML file and will display the web page on the user's screen.

Know what it says? Basically it says that the link user clicks on will be opened. After that I had no trouble reaching the required fifty - in-fact I overshot it by a good twenty more. I have trouble understanding what it said even thought I wrote it. I can read perl scripts I wrote 2 years ago more easily. I think I have a good future at writing EULAs.

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