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Multiple Months for Calendar Navigation

I have added a new feature to the blog today - now you can use the calendar navigation to access posts from previous months. This is the second version of the Calendar Navigation for Blogger program in javascript.

Now the calender will have a link for the last three months. All the posts of the last three months will be shown in the calendar. All the links to the post has the 'title' attribute so if you hover on a link for a second you will see the title of the post - so you will not be blind in choosing which posts you want to read.

I still have no idea why I am working on the calendar navigation - Jakob Nielsen, the foremost web usability expert have condemned calendar navigation to be a very useless form of navigation. Anyway, since I have made it, why not make it better?

One last thing - the new version is still in beta - if you notice any errors, just let me know using the comment system. If you have any suggestions about how to improve it or any other opinion about this system, well, you know what to do.

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