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Happy New Year!

2006 is here. Happy new year everybody. I hope 2005 has been a good for you - and I wish that 2006 may be a even better year for you.

Some reviews about the past year that I liked...
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Here are some of my predictions for 2006. I must warn you that they are just guesses and I did not do any kind of research before creating them. Lets start off with the mighty Microsoft...

  1. IE 7 will vindicate the Internet Explorer line of browsers - many of IE's most glaring problems will be fixed in this.
  2. But Vista will fall flat.
  3. Microsoft will make the code of some of its products open.
  4. Firefox will eat more from IE's share of the Browser pie.(Obviously)
  5. Google will make one great product
  6. But it will make a huge public relations blunder.
  7. Wikipedia will regain the credibility that it recently lost.
  8. Web 2.0 will be shown to be more hype than matter.
  9. Scematic Web will become much more popular.
  10. Linux will get more footing in the Desktop market.
  11. Hardware prices will plummet.
  12. Quantum computer are still a long way from now(won't happen in 2006).

Now lets wait till the end of this year to see how much I got right... If you have a blog, why don't you too create a list of pedictions for 2006? Just leave the URL of the list in the comments section.