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Blogger Changed the Feed URL for Blogger Beta Sites

Blogger have changed the URL of the feeds of all the blogs that have upgraded to Blogger beta. In the previous version of blogger, the feeds were located in the location...

(Eg. )

Now it is in...

(Eg. )

This is a bad move by blogger. I just can't understand why they did it. They least they could do is redirect all traffic to the old location( to the new location( By best bet is that they want to use REST architecture.

Another thing I don't understand is the result that is returned by the server when the feed URL is accessed. It returns the status 400 - Bad Request. Not 404(Page not found) but 400. I wish they would change this to 301(Moved Permanently) and redirect the user to the new feed location.

UPDATE : This problem is fixed now! Thanks Guys.

Syndication Errors

So why is this a bad thing? Why am I complaining when a page is moved. The answer is simple : Syndication. Many people who have subscribed to my feed using the old URL will not be able to access the feed. Many indexers like Technorati, Syndic8 etc. will not be able to access and index my blog. All because the URL for feed is changed.

Fortunately for me, I am using the Feedburner service. So I don't have a problem if the feed is moved. I just change the 'Original Feed' location in my feedburner account, and the the visitors will get the new data - without even noticing the change. If you are worried that Blogger will change the feed again, go register for this service(its free).

But I used the URL '' whenever I submitted my blog to an automatic indexer(Technorati,IceRocket,etc.). Now I will have to go around and update all those sites.

Bad move blogger. Hope you fix this issue soon.

New Features

That said, I have to admit the new feed system is cool. You can specify some quires and you will get a feed based on those quires.

For example, you can use the URL and get the latest 5 posts instead of the default 25 new posts. Also there is a provision to get the feed for the comments of each post.(Eg. is the comments for the recent Fedora Core 5 - 64bit Vs 32bit post)

Some quires that work with the XML feed. There might be more, but these are the only ones I know. If you know any that are not included here, let me know and I will include them.



The number of posts that should appear in the XML(Default : 25). Example :
The post from which the listing should be taken. 1 means latest, 2 means second latest and so on(Default : 1).

I think they are using an updated feed creator - the version given in the generator tag have changed. The new XML feed has Generator 'Blogger 7.00' while the older one has 'Blogger 6.72' as the generator.


Another thing I noticed was that the feed is available only in the atom format. In the previous version, they had both the Atom Format and the RSS format. Atom was available at while RSS could be accessed at . I can't find any way to get the RSS format in the new release(Blogger 7.0). Do any of you know where I can access the RSS format of the feed?

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