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Bookmark Every Digg

Not long ago, I complained that Digg did not provide a bookmarking option. Now I decided to stop complaing and to do something about it. As a result, I created GreaseMonkey Script that provides an option to bookmark each post in digg in three most popular social bookmarking sites -, Furl and Ma.gnolia. You will see the icons of these three services to the right of all titles in the Digg page.

I created this script to celebrate my first Digg homepage entry. It was an old article on AListApart on how to tame footers using div.

If you are using a social bookmarking system that is not in the given list, edit the script and add it - it is very easy.

Install Bookmark Every Digg

To install, you must have the greasemonkey extension for firefox browser. If you have it, just right click the link and choose "Install This User Script".

More about the script 'Bookmark Every Digg'...

The Script in Action