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Subscribing a feed in Google Reader using Firefox

The latest version of firefox has a feed preview feature. But subscribing a new feed in Google Reader using this feature leaves a little to be expected. If you use this feature to subscribe to feeds in the Google Reader, you must have come across the "Subscribe to Google Reader/Google Homepage" dilemma. I always want to subscribe to Google Reader - thats one extra click for me. But I found a way to overcome this.

Open a new tab and type in about:config in the address bar.

Type browser.contentHandlers in the Filter text box

Find the key name of the Google Reader property - in my system, it is 'browser.contentHandlers.types.2.title'. See image for clarification

The 'index' of the Google Reader, in my case is 2.

Right click on browser.contentHandlers.types.2.uri(the number must be the index of Google Reader in your system) and click Modify.

Enter the value...

Now restart Firefox and try to subscribe to a feed - you will be taken to the google reader page directly. Then click on the "Subscribe" button on the top right corner to subscribe.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

I've started a Google Reder and will put choice posts on my blog.

PC said...

THANKS for this tip! I have finally gotten rid of that annoying "Google Homepage" or "Google Reader" page!!!!

shital said...

thanks for such a good idea

Anonymous said...

Good Article.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, this tip doesn't actually save time or clicks. From the "Subscribe to Google Reader / Google Homepage" page, clicking "Subscribe to Google Reader" completes the subscription in one click. You must similarly click "Subscribe" by your new method. Nice try, though!