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Update - Sudoku, Jasfer and more

Just noticed that AdSense page got a brand new designed - much more flashier than the last one. I think Google is searching any place in any of their software in which AJAX could be used - and when they saw that AdSense is not using it, they jumped at the chance.

Anyway, the update on my current activities.

Recently Compleated Stuff...

Sudoku(Blog Entry) - This is kind of stable - had some complains that puzzles with multiple solutions were created. Also many people have taken the code of this software - maybe they would make some positive changes. I am resting this software for a while.

Jasfer(Blog Entry) - Will not work as I wanted because of a Security feature present in most browsers - a script cannot fetch data from another server. Any way this could be avoided by using a small PHP script that will work like a proxy for the data you would want to fetch. I have to create that script now - no rush about it right now. And another thing is that the script still don't work with Firefox. UPDATE : It is working in Firefox now.

Work In Progress

MailKeep - Just statered on a new project - MailKeep. Till date I have used free email providers like Hotmail, Yahoo etc. As these services used to have only very little space, I had to delete all the message I recived after reading it. What I used to do is copy the text of the message and save it as a few text files in my system. The problem is that as the number of mails increased, it became more and more difficult to locate a specific mail. This software will store all my mails in a logical format which will be easy to view/search/change. I am creating this using Tcl/Tk. (I know that gmail has this functionality - but nothing passes the time like reinventing the wheel a couple of times.)

RSSPilot - This sofware is still in beta. Must create a stable release.

Indexer - Some critical updates should be made to this software - I have notice quite an impressive number of bugs in this software.

SCMS - SCMS or Simple Content managment System is a Lightweight CMS tool for web applications. This is created in PHP and can be used used to create a site which will require a CMS but uses the filesytem rather than a Database.

Script Browser - A viewer that can extract info about any given script from its file and display it. I am using Python to create this one - I am tring to learn python by creating this script.

Of course, time is a nessary ingredient for compleating these jobs. And my opinion about the availbility of time can be summarize in one sentence...

Time, Time everywhere but not a second to spare.

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Anonymous said...

i enjoy playing sudoku online at work! shhh. my boss doesnt know :-)