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Yet Another Strike

Even before the ink dried on the posts about the recent two strikes, we had yet another strike today. Not just a bus strike - we had a motor strike. That means no buses, no taxis, no parallel transport - no nothing. Well, actually there would be private vehicles - but nothing the general public could use to get to their destinations.

If you are waiting for another tale of bravado about how I hung on to a vehicle by my fingertips to get to work, you are wasting your time. After the last experience I have no desire to risk life and limp to get to work - I just took leave from work today.

The strike was called because there was a hike in petrol and diesel prices. I must say that I am impressed with the strikers - I have no memory of three strikes striking so close to each other - with a different reasons for each. But then again, when the strikers decide to strike, who says they need a reason to do so?

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