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SciTE - A Simple Yet Powerful Editor

I just discovered this small but very cool text editor. It came with the installation of Ruby. At first I only used it for editing ruby scripts. But latter I noticed that it had a lot of advanced features like auto-completion and code folding - stuff I really need.

Currently I am using Crimson Editor and Kwrite as my primary text editor. Crimson Editor I use at home - where I am stuck with windows. At work I use Kwrite in a Fedora Core 3 Linux system. Kwrite has the auto-completion feature. And I have got addicted to it. The sad thing is that Crimson Editor don't support this feature - yet. So I am planning to make it my primary text editor. Another good thing about it is that SciTE is supported on both Windows and Linux - so I can use the same editor at work and at home.

SciTE is a very small and simple editor configurable through text files. It have a very small memory footprint - making it blazing fast even on my very slow system. The only minus point I have noticed is that the syntax highlighting is not very easy to change. Kwrite is a much better editor there. But then again, I have just started using SciTE - a few more months down the road I may discover that it is very easy to edit the syntax highlighting.

OK. Enough taking. For those interested in learning more about SciTE... SciTE Documentation Screenshots And last but not the least SciTE Download Page
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Anonymous said...

I love SciTE. I've been using it exclusively for website coding and such for almost 3 years now. I, like you, also appreciate the cross platform capability (win32/linux). However on Windows I prefer a particular build, with some added extras rolled in, found here. I can't tell you how awesome having a right click "Edit in SciTE" option is. With that option, you can keep the default file association as whatever program you want and still be able to open any file in SciTE with two clicks. I even use SciTE on USB drives when I'm away from my main computer, just copy the program folder over and it's good to go, you don't get the right click option but that's the only thing that you lose moving it to a USB drive.

Just a general note, I first ran across your site on Digg from the post you had on making web2.0 graphics in GIMP. Unlike all those Photoshop zealots that disrespect the GIMP at every turn, I enjoy reading your blog. Unlike them, you try to focus on the LAMP platform and open source rather than all those tutorial sites that only tell you how to do things in $1000 programs that I can't afford and don't need when there is a sufficient, if not excellent, open source alternative available. Keep up the great work.

Binny V A said...

Thanks. Scite is great - but I don't use it any more. I now prefer Kwrite.