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Advice on Paypal

I want some advice from my fellow paypal users. I am trying to buy a domain name from They accept Paypal so I never thought that there will be a problem as I have some money in my paypal account that could be used to buy the domain. But when I tried to buy it, I found that I could not make the purchase - I think that it may have something to do with that I am not a verified user. And for being a verified user, I have to connect a credit card to that account.

This is a big problem for me - as I can't get a Credit card. I could easy get one - but not one that can do transactions in US dollars. I applied for one of those - and I just heard that my application was rejected. So I am hoping that some one could tell me how to make a transaction thru paypal account even if it is unverified. Is it possible? If yes, how? Just leave a comment here - I will get it. Thanks for your time.

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Sree said...

Binny, the easy way could be getting someone you know in the US pay for you in US Dollars using credit card.