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This site has been moved to a new location - Bin-Blog. All new post will appear at the new location.


Problem with the new design

The new design has a few troubles - and the biggest one is that I don't know what its troubles are. A CSS file working perfectly in my system will have severe issues when it is uploaded to the net. An element that appears perfectly in Internet Explorer will appear very much out of place in Firefox. The perfectly aligned page in 1024x768 resolution will adjust itself to resemble something the cat brought in when it the page is open in 800x600 resolution.

Anyway, it is still a work in progress - I have to republished the entire site - the older posts are still in the old format. Just let me know if you notice any trouble in the browser you are using. I will try to solve it - although I can't make any promises.

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injinuity said...

try validating the css via