Site Moved

This site has been moved to a new location - Bin-Blog. All new post will appear at the new location.

Bin-Blog Completed Logo

The work on my new site is over - is open for business. All the pages from my old site have been converted to dynamic PHP pages. Now SEO is the only thing left to do.

Changes from the old system...

A better menu system.
Uses CSS's '<' selector in Firefox and unobtrusive JavaScript in IE. I used the Suckerfish dropdown scirpt to create the menu.
CSS layout - 3 column fluid layout.
I think I am getting the hang of CSS layout - it was much easier this time than when I did the same for the blog.
Ajaxed Feedback Forms
The example from my Ajax Tutorial have been implemented in the new site - with PHP/MySQL backend. The old system had a Perl/Text File backend(in Tripod).
PHP based
The old system was a completely static site - just HTML, JavaScript and CSS - I had no other option. Now that I have PHP, I could do a lot more damage.
More Problems
The old system is a tired and true system - the new system still has a lot of broken links, missing pages, script errors and what not. These problem have to be ironed out - I am waiting for user responses for this one.
Old content deleted.
Some very old pages are not included in the new site.
And More...
Not all the changes can be listed here - why don't you visit the site and find out for yourself?

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