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Best Blog Posts of the First Century

As you probably know, I have reached the 100 posts milestone. It is traditional to make a 'Best of 100' post at this point. So here it is - 5 best content pages and 5 best scripts...

Best Content Pages

A few mini-tutorials that many found useful.

AHAH(Asynchronous HTML over HTTP) - AJAX 2.0
AHAH or Asynchronous HTML over HTTP is a much simpler version of AJAX. Using AHAH approach in JavaScript you can display external XHTML pages inside your HTML page. The beauty of the script is that it is so very simple - the underling code is just twenty lines!
CSS Shorthand
CSS Shorthand is a method to compress multiple declarations into one declaration. Two or more related declarations can be compressed to form one easily readable declaration.
A Gentle Introduction to Ajax
The First part of a three part Ajax Tutorial. Also see the second part and the third part of the tutorial.
CSS Coding Style
I don't have to tell you the effect on readability when a big CSS file is created with the first style of coding - it will be impossible to find anything without wading thru the code for some time. On the other hand, the same task will be a piece of cake if the code is in the second form. So here, I am trying to make a coding style for writing CSS code.
SiteMaps - A New Technology from Google
Google came up with something new - a method in which webmasters tell the search engines which all files must be indexed, where it can be found, and how important it is. Till date, search engines index a site by scanning the html files for links to other files.

Best Scripts

I created many small functions - JavaScript, PHP, CSS, Perl and published it in this blog so that others could use it too. The best among these are given below...

XML Parser function for JavaScript - xml2array()
I have created a small function called 'xml2array()' that will take an XML document as the argument, parse it and return an associative array as the result. This array will contain the data of the XML file - which can be easily accessed.
sql2json() - Converts SQL Results to JSON String
sql2json() converts the result of the given SQL query to its equivalent JSON string.
Creating DOM in a much easier way
Everyone who have tried their hand at creating a DOM structure using the W3C method knows that it is not easy. It is a piece of cake using innerHTML. But when we try it using W3C methods like document.createElement, we will find that it takes ten times more time.
Dump() Function - Javascript equivalent of PHP's print_r()
The moment I saw the print_r() function of PHP, I fell in love with it. It is a very necessary function and I can't understand why no other language supports it. So I have ported the print_r function to javascript.
My Custom JavaScript Functions
Dustin Diaz have recently written an article on Top 10 custom JavaScript functions of all time. So I thought that I would write about all the functions on my common.js file.

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