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100th Post

100th Post

An year after the first post, I have reached the 100th post milestone. So a best of 100 post is traditional - that will be my next post. But before that, my experiences with blogging...

My Reasons for Blogging

I listed number of reasons on why I started a blog in the first post. Over the course of time, the list was improved - some reasons were removed and some were added. This is the new list(in no particular order)...

Encouragement to create content
The blogger calender script was created for this purpose - to force me to sit down and write content. It succeeded it that goal - I am creating enough content to make a new site from it.
Improve my English
If you have been reading my blog for some time, you probably noticed that my English have a lot room for improvement ;-).
Help Others
I have received letters from many people saying that some of my posts were of great help for them - JSMin Compression, JavaScript Functions etc. are great examples.
Bring Traffic to my other sites
This blog is a great success in this field - whenever I added a new page to my main site, I announce it here. As a result, over 15% of vistors to Bin-Co comes from here.
Make Money
Unfortunately, this is one of the areas where I failed. Don't get me wrong - I make a good amount of money through AdSense - but very little of that comes from the blog. I am hoping this trend will end soon.

Some Stats

Some of the statstics associated with this blog...

Number of Posts
100 - but you already know that.
Average vistors per day
Around 50 - on Monday through Friday.
AdSense Money from the Blog till date
Very low - less than 5$ for the full one year.
Time Since starting the blog.
I started the blog on 31st March 2005 - that would make it 1 year and 1 month old.
17 Readers for my feed - data from FeedBurner.
Most Popular Post
I think it is AHAH(Asynchronous HTML over HTTP) - AJAX 2.0 - based on how many times this page was bookmarked in
Regular Readers
No Idea - my guess is at least 17 - based on the feed Subscribers number. Google Analytics says that 30% of my visits are repeat visitors. If you are a regular reader, please leave a comment so I could have a rough estimate. It is a great encouragement to know that others are reading the blog.
Very Low - I have a 6 digit technorati rank. Must get this number up... eh, I mean down somehow.

Bottom Line

In the last year, I did something right and some things wrong. I have learned a lot on what to do - and even more on what not to do. I am hoping to reach the 200 post milestone using the lessons learned in this year - maybe my figures will be better then.

Till then, keep reading the blog and writing down a few comments(another area in which this blog is lagging).

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