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MySQL - Database Management System

In this LAMP series, we have looked at Linux and Apache - now we are going to have a look at MySQL.

MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user, SQL based Database Management System(DBMS) under GPL license. It have become the most popular open source database because of its performance, reliability and ease of use. It is said to have more than 10 million installations.

The popularity of MySQL as a web application platform is closely tied to the popularity of PHP, which is often used with MySQL and nicknamed the Dynamic Duo.

MySQL have long been my favorite DBMS because its ease of use and great support in PHP. I have used MySQL in almost all the Web applications I have created over the years. This includes PHP as well as Perl apps. Ruby on Rails, the hottest framework right now, uses MySQL.


Please note that some of the following features are only present MySQL 5.

  • Cross-platform support
  • Stored procedures
  • Triggers
  • Cursors
  • True VARCHAR support
  • Multiple independent storage engines(more about this later)
  • Transactions with the InnoDB, BDB and Cluster storage engines; savepoints with InnoDB
  • SSL support
  • Query caching
  • Sub-SELECTs (or nested SELECTs)
  • Full-text indexing and searching using MyISAM engine
  • Embedded database library
  • Full Unicode support
  • ACID compliance using the InnoDB, BDB and Cluster engines

Used In

Some of the most popular sites using MySQL are given below...