Site Moved

This site has been moved to a new location - Bin-Blog. All new post will appear at the new location.


Digg Frontpage Redesigned

Digg have redesigned their entire site - I kind of liked the old design better. Just give me some time - I will get used to it. The biggest complaint I have is that the blue and green header just don't match.

Digg have create three top level sections...

There are some other changes too - they seem to have removed the link to the befriended page. This should be due to the criticism they have received about top users in digg. But as of yet, only the link to the page is removed. The page is still there. In my case it is...

To get your page, just use your username instead of binnyva in the above URL.

Those are the changes I found by doing a little digging(no pun intended) - will let you know more when I have time.