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Amazon Associate

Today I signed up as an Amazon Associate - now my website has ads from Google, Amazon and Geocities. Practically filled with ads, don't you think? Must remove some ads - so I want to sign up for my own webspace. It costs money - but you gotta spend money to make money as they say. So the second I get my first google paycheck, I am going to sign up for a new account with some web hosting service. Problem is that I need a Credit Card for that - and as of today, I don't have one. Getting one will not be much trouble - but it will lighten my pocket 400 Rs per year - that's about $10.

Have to decide on a web host now - know anything good?

Update : Decided on Dreamhost - My New Site -


Anonymous said...

HostingZoom is a good one.

Bobby and Sarah said...

I was reading your blog and I thought you might be a good person for this. I am with a little startup that has built a new tool that lets you add pictures and video's into your blog as well as links to without having to upload them or use embed codes. Its a completely new way to interact with your website.

We are looking for a few intrepid souls to try out our tool and tell us
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Thanks a million,
Robert Dunn