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The Very First Journal Entry

After planning this for a long time, I finally got down to writing a Jorunal entry. This is the first entry that I made, even if you see some important event's entrys prior to today's date. I wrote them only AFTER I wrote this. So what made me write a journal? I have no idea - even though I have a lot of theories...

1) I have an semi-insane desire to document my life. I have created a program to record booting and shuting down of my system. I have the logs from 2002 onwards still with me. Creepy, right? This is a real entry from February 5th, 2003.

Session Started At : 5-2-2003 2:11 PM
Session Ended At :5-2-2003 4:56 PM
Session Lasted 2 hours and 45 minitues

I can say when I used my computer and for how long on any given day for the last two to three years. I start this craze at 30-3-2002, 5:29 AM - my very first entry. So yesterday was the third birthday of my program Boot Recorder which does the recording for me.

2) I am working on a Journal software called LiveJournal and Drupal for our clients at my job. So I could have got the insparation to create a Journal for myself.

3) I started reading other's Blogs around this time. Again, they could have inspired me to have a Journal for myself.

4) I am on a race to increase the traffic to my [site ""]. A good blog is oft described as a sure-fire methord to do this.

5) My journal could really be helpful to another person(s). My actions could inspire him/her or (as more often is the case) I would serve as a example for others on what not to do.

6) The software I use to do this, Drupal is free as is the host which I use. As I use to say, a free thing is worth every penny I spent on it.

7) I may have a semi-concious mind may have a reason that my concious mind is not (yet) aware of.

Whatever may be the reason, the bottom line is that I have a Journal - wether you like it or not.

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