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Perl Source Compressor for JavaScript

I created this script in the middle of the last project - Blogger Post Calendar. I wanted to speed up the loading of the external javascript file - so I created a script that would automatically compress javascript code. And perl was the obvious choice as its language.

The code can be downloaded from the JavaScript Source Compressor page.


  • Removes Comments - both //... and /* ... */ style comments.
  • Removes Whitespaces - newlines, spaces and tabs.
  • Replaces all varable names with a shorter version(a,b,...,z,aa,ab,...). This feature is optional

perl --help

SourceCompressor is a perl script that can be used to compress the Javascript source file to a much smaller file. Replaces large variable names with smaller, generic names and removes unwanted white spaces.


perl <js_file.js> [options]
Example :
perl settings.js -display -verbose -change-name

Command Line Options

The first argument MUST be the file name of the JavaScript file.
-verbose           Show details of what is going on.
-readable          Use \\n instead of ';' as the command seperator.
-change-name  Rename the variables to a shorter version. Enabled by default.
-remove-vars   Remove the 'var' keyword - this is asking for trouble.
-print                 Outputs the compressed data instead of writing it to a file.

To Do

  • BUG: Changes the text if the variable name appears in the coments/strings/other places.
  • The variables appearing more times must have shorter number of chars.
  • Change the variables that don't use the 'var' decleration method. - Is this possible?
  • Implement Unremoveable comments - needed for copyright statements.
  • Change the names of the functions/classes too?

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