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Alertbox's article on Blog Usability

Jakob Nielsen, the author of Alertbox has publish an article about the usability of Blogs. This contains some solid advice on how to make your blog much more 'visitor-friendly'.

I have one point of disagreement with him - Calendar navigation. Even though I agree that it should not be the only mode of navigation, I will not say that it is useless. If I visit a new blog and is thinking about subscribing its RSS feed, I take a look at the calendar before doing so. If a lot of days have posts in them, the blog is an active one. This is the reason why I created my own calender even though blogger did not give that option. Read the article...
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Unknown said...

Hi Binny,
I agree with you that calendar is very useful. But what Jakob Nielsen said is that, calendar should not be the ONLY navigation. He suggests to use categories also to group related blogs together - good way of information architecture. That is a very valid suggestion.

But does not provide us the category option.

Binny V A said...

Yes, you are right about the the calendar navigation. Another thing is that calendar navigation don't mean just that a calendar is shown and posts appear as link on it - calendar navigation includes any timeline based navigation - and blogger only gives this kind of navigation. Remember the "Previous Posts" thing?

Anyway, category option is possible - if you know how to use And I use that to tag my posts.