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Digg - A News Filtering Service

I recently found this site - I have no idea why it took me so long to find it as I find these kind of sites much sooner. The site I am talking about is Digg a news filtering site similar to Slashdot. The main difference is that when /. is controlled by the main editors, digg is a set of links that the visitors have voted for. I have already found some cool sites with this service.

Digg have a huge number of visitors now - it had been featured in two wired articles. The number of visitors digg has is so big that if a site appears in it main page, the server of the linked site will crumble within a few hours if it can't handle the load. Those who are familiar with Slashdot will recognize this as the infamous Slashdot effect. When digg does this, it is called diggdot effect.

The only complainant I have about this site is about its RSS Feed. I would have expected it to have a feed like has. I subscribe the feed on my Firefox browser - I have a dropdown on my bookmark toolbar by creating a live bookmark of feed. Every item when clicked will take me to the url of the item. But in the case of Digg's rss feed it is not like that. In digg, every item when clicked will take me to a section of the digg site with a little info about the item. I have to click on a link there to take me to the item's URL.

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