Site Moved

This site has been moved to a new location - Bin-Blog. All new post will appear at the new location.


New Blog Design

Finally - implemented the three column layout for the blog. This design is totally mine - the last design was ripped off from inspired by Google Blog. I did this in pure CSS - no tables were used for the layout. Table was used to create the calendar - but that is tabular data so the usage of table in that area is justified.

I have tested the layout in Windows using IE and Firefox - worked well in 1024x768 resolution. The design will hold when it is taken to 800x600 resolution but will break when the window is resized to an even lower width. Now I will have to test it in other systems. If you see any problems just leave a note and I will see what I can do about it.

It was fun creating a CSS layout. Although I have done it before, they were for theoretical purposes - this is the first time I am creating a CSS layout for a real site. Some problems that appeared were expected - while others were a complete surprise. I hate to admit this but tables are a much easier way to design a site. The only problem now is the total lack of colours in the layout - just white and back and something in between.

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