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New Computer

I was finally able to replace my aging computer with a brand new one. My old computer is about five years old - it had a (don't laugh) 400Mz Celeron processor and 128 MB RAM. Now that I am into web development using PHP and MySQL I am finding it very difficult to get it to function properly. For example, if I try to run a Apache Server on my old system it promptly crashes. I found an alternative to apache - the Sambar Server. This is much more light on the resourses. But I still can't run the Sambar Server, PHP and MySQL server along with a browser. If I some how manage to do this, the machine slows down to a crawl.

Anyway, now all this is behind me. Now that I have a better system, I can use Linux OS(Fedora Core 3) as my primary OS(it was way too slow on my other system. The Specs of the new system is given below...

  • AMD Athelon 3000 XP(64 Bit)
  • Asus Motherboard K8V-X
  • 512 MB DDR RM
  • Sony DVD ROM
  • Acer 15" LCD Monitor
  • Samsung 80GB SATA HDD

And finally, a gimped up version of a picture of my new system.

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Zregika said...

Nice! Hope you enjoy your new machine!