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Happy Naked CSS Day Everyone

Happy Naked CSS Day everyone. I know its kinda late - but still I hope you had fun. Just 6 more hours to go, so if you want to see my site naked, this may be your last chance.

For those who used the PHP code I provided yesterday, I am very, very sorry. There was a small glitch in it - basically making it useless. I did not find this problem until it was very late. Simple mistake - some brackets were missing. Anyway, the problem was this...

// ...
if((gmdate("d") == 5 and gmdate("m") == 4) //If it is the fifth of april, take down the styles.
 or ($_REQUEST['preview'] == 'nostyles') 
 and (!$_SESSION['onstyles'])) { 
// ...

The code should have been...

// ...
if(((gmdate("d") == 5 and gmdate("m") == 4) //If it is the fifth of April, take down the styles.
 or ($_REQUEST['preview'] == 'nostyles'))
 and (!$_SESSION['onstyles'])) { 
// ...

Notice the absence of some parenthesis in the upper code. That caused all the trouble. Sorry about that. I really should invest more time in testing my scripts before publishing it.

Benefits of the Day

I learned some lessons I about accessibility today. I will be implementing these ideas into my site - some will be done before long, others will take some time.

Site Search
I did not have a search for my site - but I am going to implement Google's Search on my site. I have already developed a prototype - and it is just a matter of a few days before I implemented it into my design. Search is a very important part of a site. Jakon Nielsen, the usability guru have written about search in his Alertbox columns.
Search is the user's lifeline for mastering complex websites. The best designs offer a simple search box on the home page and play down advanced search and scoping.
Home Page
Home page is very important part of the site - unfortunately, I have not send enough time on it. I really have to redesign the home page to make the vistors feel more at home(sorry about the pun).
Visual Design
The lack of design today had been an eye-opener - I found that my site look better with the designs off! I really have to re-design the site. Maybe give it a little Web 2.0 look.

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