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Installing Internet Explorer in Linux

Although there are many good browsers in Linux(like firefox), one is forced to use IE for testing purposes. In the last post we talked about various options we have for testing the site in IE. I left one out for this post - installing IE in Linux using Wine.

The advantages of this approach is that a lot of time is saved as you don't have to reboot everytime you want to check something in IE. The main problem associated with this solution is that it is not easy to configure and run a non-trivial Windows application using Wine.

Manual Installation

The first method of doing this is manually. You can do this by...

  • Install Wine
  • Install the necessary drivers needed for IE(eg. CAB support)
  • Install IE using Wine
  • Configure IE

See the article MSIE 6 on Linux for more information about using this method.


The whole process is made much more easier by a software called IEs4Linux. IEs4Linux is the simpler way to have Microsoft Internet Explorer running on Linux. This software installs everything necessary for running IE on Linux.

Unfortunately, I have not yet tried any of these methods. I plan to do so - but it will take some time. So don't consider me an authority on this subject. Do your research before deciding whether or not you should install IE on your linux box.

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