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32bit Linux installed(Fedora Core 5)

As said in the previous post, I have installed Fedora Core 5(32 bit) version on my system. A pity, I was starting to like the 64 bit version. The speed became bearable after you get used to it. Anyway I have just installed the 32 bit version - I have to configure it now. I will let you know what I think of the OS once the whole thing is set up.

I have stumbled upon a practical way to partition the HDD if you want to reinstall the OS every 6 months(the release cycle of many Linux Distros like Fedora Core and Ubuntu is 6 months). Of course, I will reinstalling you system every 6 months, but it is an option.

  • Windows Partitions(if any)
  • /boot - 200 MB for me
  • / - The root partition
  • /home - Where all the user's information is kept
  • swap - The size of this drive must be twice RAM's size. If you have 1 GB RAM, you must have 2 GB Swap.

Make sure you have a separate /home partition - that way you can reinstall the OS without losing(or having to move) any of the files you are working on. Just make sure you choose 'Custom Partitioning' when installing the OS. Then format all the partition EXCEPT the /home partition.

Of course, if you choose to put your site in /var/www/htdocs(or some folder outside your home) you will have to backup those folders. Some folders that I have to backup outside home are...

  • /var/www/ - All my web development folder - htdocs, cgi-bin etc.
  • /var/lib/mysql/ - Database is stored here.
  • /etc/ - Configurations.
  • /var/cvs/ - CVS repository is in this folder.

Also if you are the root user, your files will be kept in /root - not in /home. So back those up too.

The rest of the files are in my home folder(/home/binnyva) - these files will stay intact as I did not format the /home partition.

A problem with this method is that creating the same user is a problem. For example, if I create a new user with the same username(binnyva), the new users files will overwrite the existing files. Also KDE does not play nice when I tried to use the old configurations - I can login - but KDE will not start up. I had to login as root and delete the '.kde' directory from my folder before I got it to work again. This is a huge problem - I spend days trying to configure the OS to my liking - now I have to do it again. I would appreciate it if there was some system to copy the system configuration when upgrading the system. This is especially improtant in the case of 6 month release cycles I spoke about earlier.

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