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Using Twitter, Part 2 - The Use of Twitter

Why do one use twitter? Why do you have to inform others about what you are doing? There are many answers to this question.

Intermittent variable reward

Kathy Sierra is of the opinion that a 'slot machine' like reward system exists for twitter users. That is, they get a reward sometimes(not always) - so they keep on using the system for that reward.


Many people have described twitter as addictive. But, I still have not found it addictive - I only remember to make an update once in a while. Maybe that is because I have turned off the IM feature.

Keeping in touch

A lot of people have said that they can keep in touch with their friends using twitter. This reason is not for me. I am a geek. And by definition, I am a loner(or was that 'nerd' - I get those two confused). So, I don't what to be connected with others - if anything, I want to be disconnected from them.

Keeping track of Time

Twitter can be used to keep track of your activities. But it is not a tool made for this - so it is very limited for this purpose. But, this is the reason why I use twitter.

Ever since I resigned from my job, I have been noticing a huge time leak. I cannot understand how my time is disappearing - but it is doing that with great efficiency. So I have turned to twitter to make things better.

More on this topic in the next post.