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An Introduction

More about me from my site BinnyVA, Bin-Co and Creationism Arugment
I have started the blog - but as of yet, I have not introduced myself. I am Binny. Binny V Abraham.

I am a programmer by profession. Currently I am working at a Web Development company, Reubro International as a programmer in Perl and PHP languages. I am also studing for BCA in IGNOU(VI Semister). I am settled in the Southern part of India - Kerala(also known as 'God's own country').


All the languages that I know are listed here.

C++ - The only language I have studied professionally. HTML and some related things like DHTML, JavaScript, CSS etc. Perl Tcl/Tk XML PHP Shell Scripting in Windows, Dos, UNIX and Linux.


I have many websites scattered around the net. The sites I currently manage are given below...

Name of SiteDescriptionURL
Bin-CoA site offering many Scripts and Tutorials in languages like Perl, Tcl/Tk, C++, JavaScript etc.
BinnyVAMy personal website.
Pheleo MinistryThe website of a firm that I and my father manage.
CreationismMy views about the evolution - creation controversy.
Bible ResourcesMany articles by me and my friends found no where else on the web.
JimsA site that I run for my friend Jims.
BDA site for a software of mine - BD : The DIR Replacement.
BinnyVA.CoolIncAn expirmental site.
Bin-BlogAnd of course, this blog.


Over the years I have written a lot of artices. The major ones are given below.

Computer Related Assembling A Computer Tcl/Tk Tutorial CGI-Perl Tutorial Perl/Tk Tutorial Basic JavaScript Tutorial Christanity Evolution Or Creation? Who is the True God? Who is Jesus? Swoon Theory : The proof for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ Foreign Missions In Kerala Kochu Kunchju Upadesi God And Humor Ecology and the Christian
Stories Unknown Relations Poems I am a Pessimist


I have also authored a number of softwares - both good and bad over the past few years. I have created an XML database for all the software I have created - See the XML file or have a look at the front end(IE 5.5+ only - sorry).