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'Links to this post' Option for Blogger

Google Blog has an intresting new feature - 'Links to this post' - Blogger has activated this feature for all its sites. This will show all the links from everywhere to that particualar post. This is not the ping or trackback feature that Wordpress or Moveable Type or other such blogging softwares - this system will search the web in real time for all the links to that particual post - kinda like what technorati does. I should have seen this comming when google decided to create a Blog Search

The template of Google Blog was updated - even the first post have the 'Links to this Post' option. Now the big question - do I use this option in my blog? Maybe - I am not sure - I have to wait for others to try it out first before trying it out myself. Why be the gunie pig when you can get others to do it for you? But if it works out fine, the trackback feature of other major blogging platforms like Moveable Type and WordPress will be obselete.

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Corsarius said...

Now that is nifty (I'm a Blogger user). Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

I have it on my blogger sites.

Let's try a link and see if it pulls it in.

The Netcohort Society

That should show.

Anonymous said...

Can you be a guest blogger?