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Sudoku 2.00.A Beta 1 is Out

The first beta Sudoku 2.0 is ready. I have been working on this beta for a few days now. Try it out and let me know if you find any problems. I have not yet set the latest version at the main Sudoku page. Before doing that, I have to make sure that it works. So your feedback is crucial.

New Features...

Difficulty Level
Hard/Normal/Easy Levels of play
Pen Feature
Helps the user to insert one value into multiple cells using just the mouse.
Error Reporting
Invalid items will be show in another color - ie. if the user enter two numbers or an alphabet, it will be shown in a red colour - so that the user sill remember to change it.
A hint system
The users will have an option that will warn them about a bad move(repeated numbers) right after they made the change. For example, the user will enter 7 and the script will give a warning that 7 already exists in the vertical row.
Multiple Style
User can chose any style from the available list for display - this will be set as a cookie so that user can use when they come back later.
Reveal the real value of a cell at users choice.
Status Indicator
'How am I doing' Option.
Faster processing
The new version is a much faster one. I had to optimize the script - you know how slow javascript can be.