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This site has been moved to a new location - Bin-Blog. All new post will appear at the new location.

Bin-Blog - A domain to call my own

Finally, after much frustration I have got my hands on my own domain and web space. is mine - along with 500 MB space and 25 GB transfer per month, PHP hosting with 10 MySQL database limit. Almost everything I needed. I have bought it from yesterday. I have already begun the exodus from my earlier hosts to my new site. This will take some time - but it is definitely worth it.

Finally I could say goodbye to free services like Geocities and Tripod. I have been depending on these services for far too long. These sites are good if you are just creating a small 2-3 pages site. But if you are depending on it to create bigger site, you are making a big mistake. The servers of these site actively change to code on our pages to insert their ads. If you invested a large amount of time to create XHTML valid site, you are going to be very surprised - I know - I have tried it.

Don't get me wrong - I am very grateful to these services. Had it not been for these free sites, I would never have hosted my first website. It was at another 'free' server - BizLand. Now that site is dead and gone. After bizland I moved to Tripod at When tripod brought contextual ads to their site, my site became very slow - so I moved to GeoCities. That have been my home till now. After about 5 to 6 years of working on my site, it moving to its own domain - one I hope would be its last.

The different servers I depended on through the years are listed below...

Some highlights of the new site...

Tcl/Tk Tutorial
A highly rated tutorial for Tcl/Tk - a simple GUI creating language. One of my best tutorials.
Perl/Tk Tutorial
A easy to follow tutorial for the Tk module of Perl. Based on the Tcl/Tk tutorial.
Perl Tutorial for CGI
Beginners Perl Tutorial. Focuses on the CGI(Common Gateway Interface) section of perl.
JavaScript Basic Tutorial
An interactive Tutorial of JavaScript for beginners. This is somewhat old.
JavaScript Advanced Tutorial
Another interactive Tutorial for JavaScript on more advanced issues. This also is kind of old and must be rewritten.
Programs Database
A XML database of all the programs I have written.
Online Sudoku
A javascript version of the popular japanese number game sudoku. One of the most popular pages of the site.

More about the new site later...

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