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Online Sudoku 2 Realeased

After a long wait, I have released the Online Sudoku 2.00.A to the general public. If you like the game, you can download the code and install it in your site.

For your convenience, I have included a distributable version of the script in ZIP format. In this version, all the formatting for my site has been removed - so reducing the work for you in importing my script to your site. Feel free to modify this script as long as you include the copyright notice and a link back to my original page.

New in Online Sudoku 2

Online Sudoku V 2.00.A
  • Hard/Normal/Easy Levels of play
  • The Pen feature
  • Invalid items will be show in another color - ie. if the user enter two number, it will be shown in a red colour - so that the user sill remember to change it
  • A hint system - the users will have an option that will warn them about a bad move(repeated numbers) right after they made the change. For example, the user will enter 7 and the script will give a warning that 7 already exists in the vertical row.
  • Save chosen style and reload it at startup.
  • Reveal any one cell at users choice.
  • 'How am I doing' Option.
  • Timer
  • When a value of a cell is reveled, it fades into view.
  • The status text under the game is hard to notice. Added a Fade effect.
  • Font size become smaller if multiple numbers are entered - for keying in the possibilities.
  • A more printer friendly format.

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