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My New Site -

I just bought point following the link - there is nothing there). I plan to make it a site about JS - I want to stop writing JavaScript stuff here - and put all the JavaScript related stuff there instead. The huge bulk of my posts are about javascript - so I thought that I could make a new site of it.

I brought the hosting from Dreamhost rather than from GoDaddy like the last time for

The basic package of GoDaddy was not what I was looking for - it is good if you are looking for a minimum functionality web hosting - but if you really want to do something with it, you will be very frustrated. On the other hand Dreamhost has everything I was looking for...

  • PHP 5
  • PHP 4
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails(!)
  • .htaccess support
  • Crontab
  • Shell Access
  • CVS/Subversion Repositories
And More
  • Unlimited Domains can be added
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • 3000 Email Accounts
  • Disk Storage - 20 GB
  • Bandwidth - 1 TB/Month

A perfect opportunity to learn Ruby on Rails. I 'know' Ruby - but as of yet I have not tried the Rails framework due to the fear that I would not be able to use it - Ruby on Rails hosting was too expensive for me - until now.

Please note that I have not used the hosting yet(except for a 'comming soon' page) - so I cannot say anything more about it. What I have written here is what Dreamhost promised for a Crazy Domain Insane!(what kind of name is that?) hosting package. They are offering it for $7.95 a month, so I bought it. The 'Unlimited Domains' lets me use this as my hosting provider if I buy more domains - a feature not present in the GoDaddy hosting plan.

If you want to buy hosting with Dreamhost, use my Promo code 'BINNYVA' - it will give you a discount of $10 on any purchase for a year or more. Disclosure : I will get $97 $87 from Dreamhost when you use that code(so please do).

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