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OpenJS Design

I have been working on the design of I have often said that most of my 'designs' look like a 4-year old kid's mis-adventures with a crayon. But once in a while I do something that amazes even me. And this is the case of OpenJS - the design part went great.

I tried to give it a Web 2.0 look - reflections, fades, shadows etc. Now I have to make some rounded corners and some cool looking icons for the home page. I have not yet finished the work on the homepage. Only the layout and the logo is finished.

Some things to look out for...

  • Logo 3D Effect.
  • Logo reflection.
  • Tabs
  • Pure CSS - no tables.

If you have any suggestions for improvement, please let me know.

Just one more thing - I want to thank my friend Gladwin for suggesting the domain name

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