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sql2json() - Converts SQL Results to JSON String

sql2json() converts the result of the given SQL query to its equivalent JSON string.

This function will take a SQL query as it argument, execute it, fetch its result and convert it to a JSON string and then return the JSON string. This very useful if your creating Ajax applications and decided to use JSON over XML. If you have decided to use XML, take a look at my XML Parser for JavaScript instead.

Be sure to checkout the Ajaxed Demo for sql2json().


//Function will take an SQL query as an argument and format the resulting data as a 
// json(JavaScript Object Notation) string and return it.
function sql2json($query) {
 $data_sql = mysql_query($query) or die("'';//" . mysql_error());// If an error has occurred, 
   // make the error a js comment so that a javascript error will NOT be invoked
 $json_str = ""; //Init the JSON string.

 if($total = mysql_num_rows($data_sql)) { //See if there is anything in the query
  $json_str .= "[\n";

  $row_count = 0; 
  while($data = mysql_fetch_assoc($data_sql)) {
   if(count($data) > 1) $json_str .= "{\n";

   $count = 0;
   foreach($data as $key => $value) {
    //If it is an associative array we want it in the format of 'key':"value"
    if(count($data) > 1) $json_str .= "'$key':\"$value\"";
    else $json_str .= "'$value'";

    //Make sure that the last item don't have a ',' (comma)
    if($count < count($data)) $json_str .= ",\n";
   if(count($data) > 1) $json_str .= "}\n";

   //Make sure that the last item don't have a ',' (comma)
   if($row_count < $total) $json_str .= ",\n";

  $json_str .= "]\n";

 //Replace the '\n's - make it faster - but at the price of bad redability.
 $json_str = str_replace("\n","",$json_str); //Comment this out when you are debugging the script

 //Finally, output the data
 return $json_str;


Adnan Siddiqi said...

awesome stuff

I would sure give it a try

Anonymous said...

Horrible. Who have taught you such a sloppy way to handle non-critical errors?