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Top 5 Features Missing in Google Reader

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I am using Google Reader as my RSS Aggregator. After using this for some time, I am still unsure of how to do some things. I don't even know weather its possible or not. And since Google Reader is publishing usage stats, I know that 35% of my readers uses Google Reader - so I want to ask these doubts to you.

1. Can I search through my subscribed feeds?

There are many times when I wanted to find an old post I have read. Is there any way to search through my subscribed posts? Its ironic that Google fails to provide this option.

2. Can I nest folders?

Can I put a folder inside another folder? I know that this is a tagging generation and hierarchical structures are outdated - that's how I like it.

3. How do I change a URL of a feed?

Some sites change the feed URL. It is a bad thing - but it happens. My question is how do I update the URL of a subscribed feed using Google Reader. The last time I had to do this, I had to delete the feed in question and subscribe to it again.

4. Is there a more efficient way to subscribe a feed from Firefox?

Is there any way I can click the subscribe button in Firefox - and get the feed subscribed without any additional clicks? I had outlined one method to make the handling of feed subscription better in Firefox. But that still requires one additional click. I know Google Reader provides a bookmarklet for this - but is it possible to subscribe using the Firefox's default way? Plus, even after clicking bookmarklet you should click the subscribe button.

5. Can I put the tags in one folder?

I like to use a lot of tags to mark a post - but I hate the fact that each new tag makes a new entry in the left side 'Subscriptions' column. I want that column small and manageable.

If any of these are not possible, I am sure that Google Reader engineers will find this post. Maybe they will add these features. So, if you are from google, please implement these features in Google Reader. Oh, and, leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

If you are using firefox 2.0 you could set google reader an your default news reader and then if you click the feed icon in your address bar it will add the feed directly to your reader.

Anonymous said...

Hrmm as far as hierarchal folders go, you can emulate that with tags (as long as you can tag an item with multiple tags)

Shankar Ganesh said...

Searching through feeds.... I definitely need that feature on Google Reader!

Shankar Ganesh said...

You could further request for features here

Anonymous said...

I think that it is also important that live pop-up alerts be incorporated. This could be done by simply creating a rss feed combining all Reader subscriptions.