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Quitting the Job

After two years, I have decided to leave Reubro International. I joined there around March 2005 as a Perl Developer. In the time I spend there, I learned PHP, Advanced JavaScript, Advanced CSS - even a bit about Database designing and server administration.

Learning New Things

There is too many things I learned while I was there - too many to list here(two years is a long time). But lately I am finding that instead of helping me to learn new things, my work is negatively affecting my ability to learn new stuff. A lack of time is the formost problem. I have reached the conclusion that the only way to learn new things is to lose the job - and that is exactly what I did.

I have a huge list of stuff to learn - which includes - but not limited to...

So, expect some posts about these subjects here.

Getting Things Done

I have a lot of entries in my ToDo List - things I never had time for before. Time to get them done. Stuff like...

More Content

With all this free time, I should be able to produce more content. So expect a jump in the frequency of posts in this blog and my other sites. Maybe even a new site.


I have a decent income from Google AdSense. I also have a couple of other revenue streams. So I am not looking at freelance projects right now. Maybe after a few months.

In Short...

In short, I had a great time at Reubro. I met a lot of great guys. I learned a lot. And I understood that Corporate life is not for me. And like many others, I chose unemployment over working at a company.

Oh, and by the way, the 'official reason' for leaving is 'Excessive Eye Strain'. Happens if you spent over 15 hours a day staring at a monitor.

So, what do you think of my decision? Good? Bad? Stupid? Leave a comment and let me know.


Unknown said...

hey man, yu did the same thing as told.Retiring is a gr8 thing that every man thinks about. But no one ever retired from anything.

By the way congrates buddy, wish you a very prosperous 'retired life'.
Let me know about your inventions , once it is completed.

Anonymous said...

I am a Professional Web Developer based at Cochin, Kerala

Now you are not..
Change it hehehe

Any way best of luck..
You may be the first man (oh sorry boy) in this world to retire in the age of 22....

Anyway congrats keep going

Anonymous said...

binny.... i know you for the last one and half years. got many chances to know your skills. and im proudly saying, im a fan of you.....

between... try for a record... an entry in Limca book of records.... for the first boy retiring in his 22th age. ;)

wishing you every success in your future plans.... i know you will make it a big success.


Nikhil K R said...

many thanks and best of luck...

Anonymous said...

Hey Binny,
I hope it was a well thought decision to quit a full time job. But I am glad you could make the move, I have been thinking about it since last year but something or the other keeps me stay tuned into the job. While you are now going to lead quite an usual life, here is what I think you should keep on mind..

1. Don't stop dreaming
2. Plan and plan well
3. When not project, work on own products
4. Everything that glitters is global
5. Keep the spirits high and motivate yourself, everyday!
6. Don't forget me ;) Keep in touch.

Good luck and wishes,

Binny V A said...

Thanks everyone!
@Lijith, Jansan, Nikhil
Thanks for all your well wishs. See you guys in chat.

Thanks for your tips. And I am not going to forget you - as a matter of fact, now that I am free, my 'Web Contacts' section in my address book will be the most used one.

Anonymous said...

Buy binny...Dont tell it as retirement...But tell it a "Break"....

After quiting the job, u r not taking rest...But doing works, studying, adding new posts...Dont try to become an aged, with out getting old.

Anyway u r in the right track....Be the proud of cochin, kerala, doing gr8 things in open source..

Open source neenal vazhatte...

Wish u all success in ur future plan

Abdul Rahman KK

Anonymous said...

I had my first headhunt in the curikudos job fair held in 2006. And now i think its time to switch over. Can some one let me know when the job fair starts again.