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Blogger Compresses the Uploaded Images - with bad results

I am very mad at Blogger right now. I went through a lot of trouble creating the images for the last few posts. I worked with GIMP for quite some time to create some effects for the images of Perl and XML. I am not very good with graphics, so I had to spend more time than necessary to do this. Finally I upload the images to Blog and what do I find? Blogger compresses my beautiful PNG images to create some ugly JPEG files. You can see the results yourself.

Original ImageBlogger Compressed Image
XML Logo With Compression.
Perl Logo Perl Logo - but with compression.

I am not saying that I blame them for doing it. There are people who don't know the first thing about image compression - they just shoot a picture and upload it to their blog. The files may be very large - so blogger has to do the work for them. I know that this is necessary - but at least warn the rest that the images will be compressed. Just a few lines in the uploading section will do.

On a side note, this blog is now one year old. Its birthday came and went unannounced. It is traditional to provide a post on the best posts of that year - but since I recently created a post 'The Best Posts of 2005' for the new year, I decided not to bore you with another one.

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